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Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

ATM/Debit Cards


Withdrawals - Our Locations:  0.00
Withdrawals - Other Locations:  1.00
Balance Inquiry - Our Locations:  0.00
Balance Inquiry - Other Locations:  .50
Cash Withdrawal Limit (per day):  310.00
Card Purchase Limit (per day):  750.00
ATM Card Replacement:  2.00
Debit Card Replacement:  10.00

Special Processing

  Deposit Corrections:  2.00
Charge Back Items:  2.00
Overdraft Fee:  25.00
 Return Item Fee: 25.00
Insufficient Bill Pay Item (in addition to OD fee):  26.65
Collections - Incoming or Outgoing:  10.00 + Recipient Bank Fees
Collections - Draft or Coupons:  5.00 + Recipient Bank Fees

*Overdraft & Return Item Fees are a result of withdrawal by insufficient check, in-person withdrawal or other electronic means.


  Bank-to-Bank Transfers - Setup:  25.00
Account Protection - Setup:  20.00
Account Protection - Cash Management Daily Usage:  3.00
Phone/One Time Transfers:  5.00
Wire Transfers
  Incoming or Outgoing:  20.00
International:  55.00
Fax Services
  Incoming - First Page:  2.00
Incoming - Each Additional Page:  1.00
Outgoing - First Page:  5.00
Outgoing - Each Additional Page:  2.00
Research, Statements & Copies
  Account Research - Per hour (minimum one hour):  20.00
Statement Reconciliation - Per Hour (minimum one hour):  10.00
Copy of Statement:  5.00
Snap Shot Statement:  1.00
Photocopies:  .25
Research  - Per Hour (minimum one hour):  20.00
Other Fees & Charges
  Cashier's Checks:  4.00
Money Orders:  Non-Customer 3.00
                            Non-Senior Customers (Under age 62) 3.00
                            Senior Customers (age 62 and over) 1.00
Stop Payment:  15.00
Safety Deposit Box Annual Fee:  12.50 - 400.00
Lost Safety Deposit Box Key:  15.00
Night Depository Annual Fee:  25.00
Non-Customer Check Cashing ( whichever is greater):  1% or 5.00

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